6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Glass of Red Wine Today

What do nice dinners, long days and fancy celebrations all have in common? They all pair perfectly with red wine. Opening a good bottle of red wine brings smiles to the table. And regardless of whether you’re pouring a glass for a little self-care, or marking a special occasion, red wine provides health benefits beyond the happiness and relaxation its known for.

Study after study continue to show that *moderate* consumption of red wine can help your body in a variety of interesting and useful ways. Here’s the top 6 reasons why you should pour yourself a glass today.

1.   Drinking red wine is better than not drinking at all

Drinking small amounts of red wine provides the body with antioxidants which lower your risk for cardiovascular disease, mortality, and type-2 diabetes. Of course, if you drink more than you’re supposed to (roughly one or two 5 oz glasses), the benefits may be replaced by increased health risks. Like most things in life, the key is moderation.

2.   Red wine helps prevent cavities

Anyone who’s had their fair share of wine knows it can cause your mouth to become purplish in color. Some may find that a little annoying, but that purple hue can also help prevent cavities. In a study conducted by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers found that red wine killed more cavity-causing bacteria than water mixed with alcohol. So the next time someone tries to shame you for overindulging with a few glasses of red wine, just tell them you’re preparing for your next dentist appointment.

3.   Red wine benefits heart health and longevity

Red wine contains water, alcohol and polyphenol. Polyphenols are what give wine its color pigment and aromas, and also includes roughly 5,000 other plant compounds. Of these polyphenols, Procyanidin, which is also found in green tea and dark chocolate, inhibits cholesterol plaques from building up in blood vessels. This reduction of plaque build up is extremely beneficial to the heart and its longevity.

4.   Red wine may help reduce your risk of depression

A study published in 2013 showed that drinking between two and seven 5 oz glasses of wine a week may decrease your chances of developing depression. Most of us know that a self-care glass in the middle of the week, or a few drinks with friends can greatly improve our mood, and the scientists have our back here. However, moderation is the key to seeing the benefits of drinking red wine, as heavy drinking is often associated with mental health issues.

5.   Red Wine Can Improve Bone Density

As we get older, our bones become more brittle. To help minimize this you can consume lots of milk, eat your vegetables, or sip a relaxing glass of wine. Red wine contains high levels of silicon, which helps your body maintain bone mineral density and reduces your chances of developing osteoporosis.

6.   Red wine can reduce your risk of stroke

Moderate consumption of red wine can prevent blood clotting. Wine acts like a natural blood thinner, breaking up blood clots that could lead to a stroke. Red wine’s blood-thinning properties are a result of phenols. A particular phenol, resveratrol which is also found in aspirin, is found in red grapes and contributes to red wine’s ability to thin blood and reduce your chances of stroke. However, it must be noted that while light to moderate drinking has benefits, heavy drinking has the opposite effect, increasing a person’s risk of heart attacks.


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