7 Pro-Level Makeup Tips

Makeup is supposed to be fun, but there is also a steep learning curve. I don’t know about you—but I’ve watched my share of YouTube makeup how-to videos. I’ve learned a ton of tips, and the good news is there are definitely simple ways to apply makeup like a pro.

Here are a few tips and techniques to make your makeup flawless!

1. Invest in good quality brushes

Having the right application tools are key! By improving your brushes you’ll get more pigment out of your products and application will be immediately improved. The five basic brushes you need are: foundation brush, blush brush, flat eye shadow brush, blending brush and a precision angled brush.

2. Find the right foundation and concealer color for your skin

We’ve all seen it, the dreaded makeup ring around the face. Where it is very clear where the foundation stops and skin starts.

Choosing a color lighter or darker than your natural skin color is never a good idea, and will always give you a raccoon effect.

3. Foundation should last ALL day

One of the easiest and most important tips of makeup artists is powder. Setting your foundation with powder will make it last all day. It’s important to use it sparingly though, you don’t want to look cakey or washed out. Get out fluffy brush (or blending brush) and apply lightly all over the face.

4. Hide Acne Scars

If acne plagued you as a teen, or maybe it still does (thanks hormones), making acne scars disappear is a must. The trick, matte matte matte. You don’t want to use any makeup that will make your face glow and the scars shine. Pick a foundation and concealer with a matte finish and remember to set with powder.

5. Apply blush the right way

Blend UP! When applying blush to your cheeks remember to blend up. This opens up your face and draws the eye up and makes you look rested and youthful.

6. Don’t skimp on lip prep

Matte lipstick is very on trend, but matte lipstick on dry cracking lips is not cute. Prep your lips with a good quality lip balm and exfoliate either a soft bristle tooth brush or a wet wash cloth.

7. Always add depth to your eye

Maybe the single most important tip, use more than one color shadow on your eyes. Alternate colors to create depth and shape. Not sure where to start, hit up the YouTube videos. There are thousands and this one skill is worth the time investment, I promise.

Remember, makeup should be fun. Don’t stress and be disappointed if you try something that doesn’t work. Makeup removing wipes are your best friend.


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