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image of T.J. Leitow

T.J. Leitow

T.J. is a corporate attorney based in Detroit Michigan. Working for a large publicly traded bank, he has substantial first-hand experience in a variety of disciplines and industries. As a life-long learner, he’s always reading and researching something, from the latest trends in business and culture, to new legal developments in the legislature and courts, to teaching himself how to renovate a bathroom, his passion for knowledge has lead him to Tyzen Magazine. Follow TJ’s story on his personal blog, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

Avery Chapman

As a mother of three and marketing director for a mid-sized company based in Metro Detroit, Avery stays very busy. When she’s not corralling children, she’s scouring the latest fashion magazines, always looking to stay ahead of the curve in beauty, fashion and style. She understands the importance of finding great products on a budget, as well as splurging for those special things. It’s all about balance, finding a happy middle ground between family, work, and fashion.

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