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D.J. Smith

DJ has a background in communications and works in public relations. She’s active in local politics and enjoys yoga and kayaking when she’s not on the grind.

John Ryan

John is a civil engineer in the office, and a self-proclaimed entertainment nerd everywhere else. From movies, to television, to music, if it’s caused a tremor in the zeitgeist, he’s heard of it.

Olivia Lee

Olivia is an IT professional in the automotive industry. When she’s not prepping for her next 1/2 marathon, she enjoys checking out the latest consumer tech.

T.J. Leitow

A self-admitted jack-of-all-trades, TJ is a corporate attorney based in the Greater Detroit area. Also a certified personal trainer, he lives by the work-hard play-hard motto.

Avery Chapman

As a mother of three Avery stays very busy. When she’s not corralling children she’s scouring  the latest fashion magazines, always looking to stay ahead of the trend in beauty, fashion and style.  

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