How to Identify your Personal Style

Even when I was younger I always admired people who had a personal style, so much I might call it a uniform. Not nurse or postal worker, but a personal style that is only theirs. Your Audrey Hepburn, your Coco Chanel, your Kate Spade.

The interesting thing about a style uniform is you don’t have to like it, but you do have to admire it. Still identifying your own personal style can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you find the real you.

1. Start with Style Inspiration

Today this is easier than ever. No need to cut out magazine pics, just jump on Pinterest and create a board that defines you. Don’t be afraid to mix in pieces that don’t flow, you’re just identifying things you like.

2. Look at Brands

Combining your style board and the clothes you have in your closet, take a look at the brands. Which do you love? What do you have the most of and why? The brands you have or want can tell you a lot. If your entire closet is Banana Republic, your style is more classic. If your more of an ASOS girl, you may be more trendy and budget friendly.

3. Keep what you Love

This is two birds with one stone. Identify the items in your closet that you love and are ‘you.’ Those are the ones that stay, put them back in the closet. Anything that isn’t matching the look you’ve decided on can be donated or sold on websites like thredUP or Poshmark.

4. Moving Forward

The trick is to keep this version of ‘you’ top of mind next time you’re shopping. This is especially important when you are looking to purchase big ticket items, like handbags or shoes. Splurge on wardrobe staples you know you will keep for years or decades and go budget friendly on trendy pieces that spice up your wardrobe like jewelry or blouses.

That’s it! Use these tools to help determine your style and start building your closet full of items you love and want to wear! Because your personal style isn’t about being trendy, it’s about matching who you are on the inside.


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