In-Game Marshmello Concert Sets a Record With 10 Million Concurrent Fortnite Players Attending

On February 2, 2019, the largest in-game music event ever went down inside the Fortnite universe. Club music and EDM artist Marshmello performed a concert inside the Fortnite platform, and  according to Epic (the game’s producers), there were 10 million concurrent players at the event.

Anyone who’s every held a gamepad knows Fortnite is one of the biggest online multi-player games on the market. Last November Epic revealed that there were over 200 million total Fortnite players, and at that time, the peak concurrent player count was 8.3 million. What makes the new 10 million record even more impressive is it does not include people watching players locally and on Twitch. The number of people actually watching the concert is probably substantially higher.

While this is a huge win for Epic, it also gave a huge amount of exposure for Marshmello. 10 million viewers is roughly 200 times more than the amount of people who could attend a concert at the largest real-world venue. Moreover, the Fortnite show is much more engaging than simply watching a live show on TV, as the players can interact with the performer and each other. This communal experience brings the Fortnite concert much closer to the feel you get when you’re actually at a live show enjoying the music with other fans.

It’s really exciting that this concert was such a success, because it means it won’t be the last time it happens. Artists should be lining up to do the next Fortnite concert. The level of exposure is just insane. Fortnite has quite literally created a new segment of music performances, and we can’t wait to see how this new segment evolves in the near future.

Never heard of Marshmellow? Here’s ‘Alone’, one of his top hits of the last few years.


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