Instagram goes down briefly, Millions strain necks as they are forced to look at the world for nearly 30 minutes

The photo-sharing social network Instagram was briefly taken offline Monday afternoon. Overall, the incident was a small story in an otherwise mundane day in tech.

The service went down around 4:30PM, tragically the very same time millions of people were IGing for the 4th time in that hour, desperately trying to pass the time until the workday was over.

Instagram goes doen breifly

According to several users, the app launched fine, but feeds would not refresh, scrolling was limited and only cached stories would play. Many said they could not post anything, but could send messages.

Somewhat surprisingly, even the website went down, giving visitors a “5xx Server Error.” That is pretty rare, as servers usually know which error code to display. Here, the servers must have crashed extra hard.

Fortunately for the world and humanity, Instagram came back online a little after 5PM.

An Instagram representative told several news outlets that they were aware of the issue and were working to fix it.


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