Republicans Fail (Again) at Damaging AOC’s Reputation, Falsely Claiming she Hired her Boyfriend

For whatever reason, be it fear, envy, jealousy, sexism or a combination of all of the above, Conservatives have tried desperately to smear Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s reputation. However, give credit to common-sense, as public opinion has not been swayed by the shade the GOP continues to fail at throwing.

You may remember just a month ago, Republicans were mocked for trying to bring AOC down for dancing in a video produced while she was in college. The Guardian picked up a tweet that perfectly explained how this became a debacle for Conservatives, which read “Imagine what a major ass-head one would have to be to think that a video of @AOC dancing is anything but adorable and endearing and charming.”

The latest failed smear comes to us courtesy of GOP strategist Luke Thompson, who posted a screenshot of what appeared to be the email address of Riley Roberts, AOC’s longtime boyfriend. The email address was for a government account, and Thompson argued that it proved that AOC had employed Roberts with taxpayers’ dollars.

Shortly after Thompson tweeted this alleged mini-bombshell, Ocasio-Cortez shut him down, explaining that it was permission for him to access her Google calendar, saying “Congressional spouses get Gcal access all the time. Next time check your facts before you tweet nonsense.”

The GOP’s desperate searching for anything that would ding AOC’s reputation is comical. Their leader, President Trump, has perhaps the worst ethical record of any president in history, and Mr. Thompson’s failure is representative of one of the major issues facing American politics today.

Republicans are ready and willing to attack Democrats for even the smallest of infractions, often without checking the facts, but fail to hold their own accountable. While blame for the “swamp” is often shared, recently, Democrats have held their own to the same standard they try to hold their Republican counterparts to.

Disagreeing with AOC’s politics is one thing, but the continued, often baseless attacks on her character is something much more insidious than just politics.  

AOC’s has recently made big waves when she released her Green New Deal.


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