Scorch News is now Tyzen Magazine

This post may leave some of our faithful readers scratching their head, while those of you who were with us from the beginning will understand. Back when we were first developing the goals and purpose for this website, we initially believed that we had something meaningful to say about breaking news and current events. The result of that early brainstorming was Scorch News.

However, we quickly realized that the breaking-news space was incredibly over-saturated with outlets. And in an honest moment, we knew that our small staff of independent writers was not equipped for, or entirely invested in commentary on the latest news stories.

So with an entrepreneurial mindset, we pivoted to something more niche. Our approach to writing changed to be more focused on topics that we were both knowledgeable in and passionate about. That is the prologue of Tyzen Magazine, and the reason we’ve re-branded from Scorch News to Tyzen.

Is it a little weird to re-brand after such a short time in publication? Sure it is. But, we believe the approach that was Scorch News was a mistake, and the course-correction that is Tyzen Magazine will bring our readers enjoyment, value and actionable insight.

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Thank you for coming on this journey with us.


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