Splurge vs. Save: Fashion Splurges that are Worth the Money

When it comes to growing your perfect closet, unless you are independently wealthy, it’s all about finding the right balance. A general rule of thumb is 70/30, investing in some pieces and mixing in fast fashion trends.

You should have classic pieces you can count on season after season and a few trendy pieces to mix and match. The idea is not to get caught overspending on items you will only wear once or twice.

Here is a list of items worth the steep price tag, and some that aren’t. Most importantly we’ll talk about how to tell the difference.

Splurge: Jeans

There is nothing better than a good fitting pair of jeans! We found that more expensive denim holds it shape better than their cheaper counterparts. Since you don’t have to wash denim every time you wear them, invest in a few quality pairs that fit your shape really well. Skip trend denim cuts and washes and stick with what fits you best. A classic, well fitting denim will never go out of style.

Splurge: Work boots and heels

When it comes to footwear, quality is key. Plus, since you will be wearing them mostly every day, it’s a good idea to spend a little more money and buy a shoe you are comfortable in. Shoes are versatile, they can dress up even a t-shirt and jeans AND be your go-to work shoe.  Shoes are easier to determine quality, so choose a nude heel for work you can wear for years.

Splurge: Bras

The right fitting undergarment is a treat, and you deserve it. Regardless of your size, a bra is the base of your outfit, so it’s important to have a flattering well fitting bra. Choose colors that will go with most items, think nude tones or black and skip any fabrics that will show through thin clothing.

Splurge: Winter coats

When temperatures are below freezing, having a good quality winter coat is key. Invest in items made of  materials like down instead of polyester fillings. Plus, since you aren’t wearing it year round, you are able to extend a winter coats life span for years. Think classic not trendy when purchasing and make sure it fits even when wearing a bulky sweater underneath.

Splurge: Blazer and suiting

These wear-to-work items are a good investment. Blazers and suiting is an area where quality is readily visible. Invest in a good black blazer, you will be able to throw it on with jeans and a t-shirt and it will still be your work go-to. For suiting, stick to fabrics like gabardine and classic cuts like straight pants and pencil skirts for seasonless options.

Save: T-Shirts

With tons of t-shirts out there promising everything from the best fit to cool cuts, it’s tempting to pay top dollar for a basic tee. Even though tees are a wardrobe staple, this translates to them getting a lot of use, aka washes. And something, even a quality something, that is washed constantly has a short shelf life. T-shirts are a great place to save money. Check Amazon for great deals on flattering t-shirts.

Save: Tights

During the winter months tights, like t-shirts, are getting a lot of washes. Even though a steep price tag does equal higher quality where your hosiery is concerned, unless you’re willing to pay $60 or more, plus hand wash every time, your better off picking up several cheaper pairs and tossing them should they happen to snag.

Save: Gym clothes

Originally it was important to spend the big bucks on work out clothes. However, with the rise of the athleisure trend, reasonably priced companies are getting with the program and making cute pieces you actually want to wear to the gym. Check out Target, Gap, H&M and the Forever 21 for reasonably priced trendy pieces.

Save: Trendy jewelry

Sure we all have our classic fine jewelry pieces, and they are great for the right time and place. When it comes to everyday trendy pieces, costume jewelry is the way to go. Big bold necklaces and earrings really transforms the look of an outfit and looks great for a relatively low price tag.

Save: Evening clothing

From fancy dresses, shoes and blingy bags—these are not pieces you will wear frequently. So investing your money in evening clothes is not your best bet. Cute, lower-priced options are easy to find and often you are able to use the same hand bag event after event.


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