Success is a Choice: Be an Overachiever

What does it mean to be an “overachiever”? Generally, it’s a label given to those who out perform their peers. In practice, it’s that man or woman who performs at a high level, regardless of their apparent intelligence, talent, or how many “advantages” (or disadvantages) they had growing up.

Overachievers are people who are heavy on effort and light on excuses. They are reliable, trustworthy and are people you look to in times of crisis.

Every business wishes they had a workforce full of these kind of people. Overachievers directly impact a company’s bottom line because they always produce value, or rather, they always produce added-value. They see the job requirements as merely the starting point for their efforts. They have the energy, motivation, and skill to complete additional tasks, and as a result, their presence adds additional value to the company. By executing responsibilities faster, better and more efficiently than an average replacement, an overachiever creates momentum that can push a business to the next level. The best part about these high-value persons is that anyone can be an overachiever, but only few choose to be.

Overachieving is a habit. It’s not a 9 to 5 thing, or a Monday through Friday thing. Overachievers do it daily, in every aspect of life. It’s a relentless best-effort approach to every endeavor they take on. When giving your best becomes habit, even your bad days are good.

Like most things in life, overachieving is about attitude, your personal mantra, your view of the world. It has to be important to you to do well. It has to be important to you to always put in your best-effort.

The overachieving path is not an easy one, and once you’re on it, it’s even more difficult to stay on it. However, once you’ve made the conscious decision, the reservoir of discipline required to be the best version of yourself every day will never run dry.

Being your best-self provides endless rewards both professionally and personally. Relationships with people that matter will become solidified. Relationships with people who do not will disappear. Work, no matter how important or menial will become more satisfying. You’ll wake up each morning with a sense of purpose. Regardless of profession, status or age, life makes sense when you know that no matter what you’re doing today, you know you’re going to do it as well as you can.


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