Top 10 Baby Products for Babies 0 to 3 Months

For the record, I was one of those crazy pregnant people who stayed up all night researching everything I thought I needed to know about the first few months of my babies life. Of course, as all of us first time moms find out, no amount of research can prepare you for motherhood.

That being said, identifying a few key products to help ease the transition was incredibly helpful…and in that vain, I give to you my Top 10 0-3 month Baby Products.


  1. The Boppy – Find it on Amazon for $40

boppy nursing pillow.PNGThis is one of those products you use every day, multiple times a day! Regardless if your bottle or breast feeding, the Boppy Pillow is a must. It offers the right amount of firmness for support, but also is soft and cozy for baby to lounge around on. And don’t forget the waterproof cover… babies have way more fluids than ever imagined.


  1. Sound Machine – Find it on Amazon for $19

myBaby Sound machine


Creating a positive sleep environment is key in the early days. A sound machine indicates to your baby it is time to sleep. This model has several different natural sounds and small and easy to bring with you to grandmas house. Not only does it cue the baby its sleep time it also cuts down on the amount of ‘shushing’ needed for other little ones or particularly loud significant others.


  1. Halo Sleepsack –  Find it on Amazon for $22

Halo sleep sack


The well intentioned nurses at the hospital will show you a million times how to swaddle your baby, but even if you figure it out—babies are keen to wiggling out like a little Houdini. This swaddle sack takes the guess work out. The Velcro ensures no magic escapes and it comes in both cotton and fleece for the winter months.


  1. Fisher Price Auto Rock n’ Play – Find it on Amazon for $75

Fish-price rock and play


I swore my baby would sleep in the fancy Bassinette I bought for next to our bed. But, enter day 3 of no sleep—I busted out the trustee Rock n’ Play. The hammock like shape keeps baby nice and cozy and the ability to put it in motion makes middle of the night wakeup calls easier.


  1. Britex B Agile & B Safe 35 Elite Travel System – Find it on Amazon for $320

britax b agile system


This travel system is highly rated and works great for walks in the park and downtown. It’s easy to fold and unfold and is fairly compact to fit in trunks or back seats. The system only comes with one car seat base, so if you and your spouse have two cars, you may want to invest in another base.



  1. Baby Bjorn Carrier – Find it on Amazon for $80

baby bjorn baby carrier


In the early days you want to keep baby as close as possible. This carrier is easy to put on and off and comes completely apart so you are able to lay your sleeping baby down after they fall asleep without waking them.


  1. Gowns – Find them on Amazon for $25


Middle of the night diaper changes can be rough, lining up snaps with sleepy eyes is no walk in the park. Enter baby gowns. For boys or girls these gowns are open at the bottom so you can just slide it up for easy access. This one is made of organic material and is incredibly soft.


  1. Fridababy Accu-Dose Pacifier Medicine Dispenser – Find it on Amazon for $13



Babies first cold is gut wrenching. Seeing your baby suffer is the absolute worst thing imaginable. Getting baby the medicine needed is sometimes a bit of a battle. This pacifier medicine dispenser is wonderful. As baby sucks it provides the perfect amount for baby to swallow without even noticing.


  1. Johnson’s Head to Toe Wipes – Find it on Amazon for $18

head to tow wipes


Like I mentioned earlier, babies have a lot of fluids. These wipes are perfect for in between bath clean ups and have a nice fresh sent. Keep a package in your diaper bag for on the go cleaning.


  1. Frida Baby Nose Aspirator – Find it on Amazon for $20

nose frida.PNG


AKA the Snot Sucker. It just works, and it’s really not as gross as it sounds.


I’m defiantly no ‘baby product’ expert, but these products worked for me and my little one. So if your awake right now in the middle of the night, I feel ya! Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and the most terrifying experiences at the same time. Any amount of help we can offer mom-to-mom is worth it.



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