Top Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

Trends come and trends go. That is never more true than when it comes to fashion. We may not always like what the fashion police say is hot, and we’re not here to argue (at least not today). From Elle, to Cosmo, to Vogue, here’s what you should be wearing if you want to be on the cutting edge of style this spring.

Head-to-Toe Neutrals

If Kendall is wearing it, you can bet on it being a trend. Monochrome neutrals are not necessarily a new thing, but our money is on this being a hot look this Spring. Have doubts? Check out Kendall rocking these soft tones on the runway.


100% Nitrile / Synthetic Rubber is here. We’re not sure if it’s making a comeback or it’s a new entrant to what’s acceptable as a material for clothing. But what we do know is molded rubberized materials have been spotted all over the runways. Designers like Calvin Klein are producing chic silhouette pencil dresses.

The emergence/resurgence of rubber has even brought crocs back to the mainstream, as you can now find Balenciaga pushing their yellow platforms into their retailers.

You’ll never look at your mother’s dish washing gloves the same way again with all of this stylized yellow rubber.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Seen at Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, and Prabal Gurung, this off-balanced silhouette dances along your shoulder, wraps around your neck, and twists around your collar bone. Simultaneously. Get ready for the asymmetrical neckline.

The Fanny Pack

Yes, that’s right, this very functional, yet often chided storage on a belt is back. Maybe it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s infamous fanny pack meme.

Whatever it was, we cannot deny it any longer, the fanny pack is back. No matter your aesthetic, there’s a hip-slung bag for you: strap on a sporty number from Rihanna’s runway, go minimalist with Rochas, or wear it on the diagonal with Balenciaga.


Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors Collection are hinting that Millennial Pink will be replaced by pastel-adjacent lavender come springtime. This soft purple hue is the next it-color, making a turn in knits, suiting, and whimsical formal wear.

X-Girl Sunglasses

If Kendall, Camila, and Selena have anything to say about it (and we know they do), flattering sunglasses are suddenly passe’. Enter X-Girl sunglasses. What’s in for shades are razor edges, skinny frames, big plastic and bold color combinations.

Square Necklines

I know I just said that asymmetrical necklines are in. Well, lucky for you, you’ll have options if you plan on being a trend-setter this Spring. Featured at Carolina Herrara, Christian Dior, and Rodarte’s first collection shown in Paris, the square was spotted all over the runways. We predict the flattering style to appear as dainty cotton tops, cocktail wiggle dresses, and every style in between.

White Tank Top

Given Hanes’ collab with both Re/Done Jeans and stylist Karla Welch, the basic white tee is key. Spring, however, belongs to its scrappier sister: the white tank top. Despite its problematic nickname, the ribbed top is getting an upgrade with screen printing at CALVIN KLEIN, twists at Alexander Wang, and layered under sheer florals at Miu MIu.

Exposed Briefs

Keeping it trendy doesn’t always mean keeping it classy. Many of the models bared “almost” everything with underwear that was meant to be seen. Sheer dresses revealed posh skivvies and glitzy pearl thongs could be seen through translucent tops.


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