What Should You Do With Your Life?

Does the question of what you should do with your life have you stumped? Do you feel like you’re the only person who hasn’t found their “passion” yet? Are you looking to make a career change?

This Venn Diagram exercise will help you zero in on what is best for your future. Turn a passion into a career by looking for opportunities in areas that you have skills and interests.

The Exercise:

  1. Take an empty piece of paper and draw three overlapping circles (creating a Venn Diagram)

  2. Each circle represents the skills you possess, the things you’re most interested in, and the opportunities you can take advantage of

  3. In each circle, list your skills, interests and opportunities, looking for areas where your skills, interests and opportunities overlap

  4. Anything that lands in the middle of the diagram has the potential to be a fulfilling, passion-driven career for you.

This exercise was first described by Suzy Welch on CNBC. Find more practical ways to find your best life in Suzy Welch’s book, 10-10-10: A Fast and Powerful Way to Get Unstuck in Love, at Work, and with Your Family.


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