What to Wear with a Dark Blazer

Regardless of where you work or what you do, every guy needs a dark blazer. Almost any outfit will look a little bit sharper when you add a black or navy blue blazer to the ensemble. But with that said, even a perfectly tailored jacket will look poor if it’s not properly paired with complimenting colors and proportionally sized and fitted clothes. A nice blazer is not going to save you if you’re rocking baggy dress pants.


In most settings, a dark blazer is best paired with a pair of fitted flat-front trousers of contrasting colors. For the spring and summer, try light colored pants or chinos with a dark blazer. It’s a classic look that will never stop being classic. And of course, you can always dress-up the blazer with a tie worn with a single-Windsor knot.

When worn with jeans, most men look their best wearing a blazer with a lighter-colored collared shirt. Take the style quotient up a notch and try wearing a pressed plaid button-up and throw in a brightly colored pocket square.

I’m also a big fan of the more casual “v-neck t-shirt and blazer” look. It’s comfortable, and can really give you some extra panache on a Friday night out.

We recommend doing a little experimenting with your dark blazers. We’ve even seen blazers successfully paired with trim-fit sweats and stylish sneakers. Its one of the few garments that perfectly walks that line between dressed-up and casual.

If you’re on a budget and want that dark blazer look, we always recommend going a little cheaper on the blazer, and spending that saved money on a tailor. A $75 blazer that has the sleeves properly tailored and taken in will look better than a $150 blazer off the rack (unless you’re one of those fortunate souls who can buy blazers off the rack). A good tailor should be able to adjust a blazer’s sleeves for under $50.


Impromptu business meeting? Grab a blazer. Forget about date night? Grab a blazer. Going out for happy hour? Grab a blazer. It’s something every man with style should have.


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