Why you Should be Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

Knowing you should be cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is pretty common knowledge, but actually doing it—and doing it correctly—is a totally different thing. Much like flossing, or going to the gym, it is one of those chores that’s often overlooked.

But just like replacing your toothbrush or tossing old foundation, cleaning those makeup brushes is essential.


Dirty brushes keep makeup from going on smoothly and spreads pore clogging dirt and acne causing bacteria all over your face.

Wash product build up and weeks (dare we say months) worth of dirt and bacteria off often says the experts.

Do it right!

There are lots of fancy products online to clean your brushes, but the experts say to stick with just soap and water. Use a gentle soap, like baby soap, and lukewarm water. Wet the bristles and massage the soap into the bristles using your fingertips, then rinse. Repeat until the water runs clean.

Ensuring the brushes dry completely is sometimes tricky. Try using a wash cloth or paper towel to squeeze out the water. Be careful to maintain the original shape so they are still usable.

Next let them air dry on a dry surface. Avoid setting a freshly cleaned brush on a damp surface, like a sink where it can breed bacteria. Allow the bristles to hang off a ledge, with the handle securely on the counter, so there is air movement on all sides of the bristles. This also keeps the water from pooling at the adhesive.

After a full air dry, your brushes are as good as new. If you’re in a pinch, try using your hair dryer on the lowest setting, remember to keep reshaping the bristles as you go.

Experts suggest washing your brushes at least every 14 days, so keeping it easy is a good way to go.

Want to go the extra mile between washings, try storing your brushes in a case with individual holders (like this one). Keeping brushes tucked away keeps bristles free of dust, hairspray and other contaminants.


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